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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Ethnic village of Lü, H'mong and Dao people

The area around Lai Chau is an area populated by many ethnic minorities: Lü, H'mong and Dao. Through a few days of trekking, we propose to discover through their villages, and everyday gestures: a rural lifestyle and authentic ...

The Hmong are also called Miao or Meo. They belong to the Austro-Asiatic language family. They would be more than 3 million people. They are divided into five branches: White, Bloom, Black, Red and Green, depending on the color of women's costumes and dialects. They speak Miao-Yao.

They migrated from southern China from the eighteenth century to escape the politics of the Ming emperor. They settled in the highest areas of Vietnam.


Their habitat is rudimentary. The wooden houses are built on the floor, no windows, unlike those of the Thai and their lofts are mounted on stilts.

Among the Black Hmong, women wear traditional dress everyday: dark shorts under a tunic fastened by a black belt by several times around the waist. Among other Hmong, a pleated skirt in pink and red dominant (Hmong flower or Red), White (White Hmong) or green (Green Hmong). Women in this latter group often have a bodice open in front, the sides decorated with a band of colored cloth, the sleeves are also decorated with strips of colored cloth. An apron generally covers the skirt and belt several times around their waist. They often walk barefoot and wearing strips of cloth around their calves that look like leggings. The hair is held by a turban, except among the Hmong Red.

The women wear silver jewelry or metal flattened form of necklaces and bracelets.

The men wear large jackets and loose trousers, dyed with indigo. A simple cap serves as their headgear.

They wear jewelry as women.

The Hmong tend to settle.

They feed primarily on corn, rice. Livestock is an important activity and crafts is developed.
Lore: marriage by capture was a common practice. Women give birth squatting and the placenta is buried under the bed if it's a girl or under the altar of the ancestors knew it was a boy. They worship their minds.

The Dao or Dao or Yao or Man

    They belong to the Hmong. There are about 500 000. This is the eighth largest ethnic group. Like the Hmong, they speak Miao dao. They live at high altitude.

The men wear the same uniform as the Hmong in the same color as indigo Black Hmong, but has a special jacket: a rectangular embroidery on the back. Even embroidery found on their caps. Women wear pants indigo batik finely decorated down. They shave their heads and eyebrows. Their heads are covered with beautiful red scarves decorated with silver coins. Men and women often wear the shoulder bag decorated with a red pompom. Habitat is to me even soil and crops are stored in granaries on stilts.

The Lü

The Lü installed are an ethnic minority in the province of Lai Chau. Among 5000 individuals, they are good rice farmers andskilled weavers.

The family of Lü system is patrilineal. Although they still laquent teeth, tattoo and body piercing their ears, their way of life tends to approach that of Thai or Lao, their neighbors.


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